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Top 10 Law Schools In The US

There are hundreds of law schools and universities that offer law related education. A study that was recently conducted, involving 200 such schools, showed remarkable results.

Of these law schools, 40 of them came from the US. This means that USA is one country that values law and gives the best quality of education in that faculty. Below are the top ten law schools in the US.

10. Northwest University School of Law

Based in Chicago Illinois, this private law school has had a profound history in offering quality law education for a long period. The school was established in 1859 and since then, it is one of the most reputable law schools in the US. Evidently it is the first law school that was founded in the region. It is among the very few schools that form part of the constituent of Northwestern Universities.

9. Duke University

The school was established in the year 1868. To date, Duke University has endeavored to offer quality law education to local residents and to foreign students. Initially the school was referred to as Trinity College School of Law. Later in the year 1924, the school changed its name to what today is called Duke University. Among the programs the school offers is the International Law.

8. University of Pennsylvania

In the whole of America, Penn Law as it is sometimes called has been known as a distinguished law school. It was in 1790 that the first lecture was delivered in the school’s premises. Following many years of existence, the school has had a number of its former students receive international acclaim. The first US president is also associated to Penn Law School. It was until 1850 that the school stared full programs in law. Most of the students who come to Penn Law are foreigners who want to increase their knowledge on local and international law. Some of those who took the lead in introducing good measures that saw the school rise are George Shaswood. During his tenure the school rose from small beginnings to admitting many international students. Of course there are many others who followed that have immensely contributed to the rising of Pen Law school.

7. University of Michigan

More than 20000 former Michigan University students can be found managing big businesses and law firms in the US alone. This shows the contribution of the school for the more than 150 years it has been in existence. Interestingly, Michigan University has overseas campuses in the Republic of South Africa and in Switzerland. With these externships, the quality of their service delivery has improved tremendously. There is one thing that is unique with Michigan University. Despite having quite a number of students from the US and abroad, the number of graduating programs has been kept low. This is seen as a way of ensuring concentration thus quality education.

Graduate programs for each year are kept at an approximate percentage of between 35 and 45. The school also gives students proper training on how they will implement the law in whichever land they may be willing to practice it from.

6. University of California

Berkeley Law School has one of the most efficient law programs in the US. The school offers intellectual property program. For more than ten years, the school’s intellectual property program has remained outstanding in nurturing law students. The University of California is also known to have started the Green Movement that is involved in environmental conservation. The school also pioneered the PhD and M.A degrees programs in Social and Jurisprudence Policy. Following these innovations, the school has received much needed support from the students and members of the public at large.

More recently, the school initiated shorter programs that will help students learn conveniently for two summers. This is incredible for a country like the US where economy runs around the clock.

5. Stanford University

This is a school of the community. A renown alumni, faculty and students all merged to form this school. Their noble efforts have seen this law school become one of the most celebrated universities in the US today. Stanford Law School, offers this kind of disciplinary education from a cool environment that depicts a conducive learning area. This has made it one of the best research centers in the world. With your first degree in law from your country, you can attain a Masters degree in less than three years. Yes, at Stanford University School of Law, you will get you certificates the quickest and convenient manner.

4. Columbia University

Columbia Law School has given out responsible law practitioners for a long time. The school is committed to producing excellent students when they are done with their formal education. Though not supported by a good environment, the school offers quality education. At the University Of Columbia School Of Law, Juris Doctor Programs are offered to those that want to pursue law. The school receives over 200 students from more than 50 countries around the world. These students graduate and go back to their countries with enough experience.

The J.S.D is only given to those students that have completed their research, had exemplary performance and completed the requisite program.

3. New York University

The university was established in 1835. Since then, the school has produced a remarkable number of excellent results. It entered into records as one of the law schools that admitted women. The school is known to be home of students that have in one way or another been discriminated against. Those interested in joining the school should be above 18 years. New York University has been in the top 10 law schools in the US for as long as it has been in existence.

2. Yale University

Yale is known to be one of the premier schools in law the world has ever had. In fact, for many years, the school has dominated the top 10 law schools in the US. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The school has produced prominent personalities such as US presidents and even Justices of the Supreme Court. One of its projects is the China Law Center.

1. Harvard University

Harvard Law School is one of the top 10 law schools in the US. It has one of the most creative law learning environments in the US. It is noted that the school has students from almost all the states in the US. Each year, the school admits approximately 2000 students from diverse places around the world. Harvard School of Law has three degree programs each year.

President Barack Obama studied in this school.

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